Here are some poems that may be used, or I have many others that you may care to look at.



I have lived so well upon this earth

I have followed many paths to reach the sun

If I had troubles, or pain, or heartaches

I cherished more the smiles, or a thousand more, when one

He said to me in friendship – ‘I wish you well!’

These are words I treasured long.

To the hilltops, to the clouds to the moon and stars beyond

To a pasture glistening with fresh rain.

To the sea with white tipped waves - I run

So, cry not for me, my friends, hear the music in my heart

And kiss my memory ‘Farewell’


Ruth Van Gramberg (extract)



My love you gave yourself to me

And life caught fire from your spark.

But then, like sunshine, here and gone

You left us in the mournful dark.


The time we shared was full of warmth

Our flame sustained us through the years

And now it lights the path ahead

Between the silence and the tears.


Your memory will not fade away

To muted tones of black and white.

How could such blazing colour leave

The earth without a dazzling flight?


So hear this now, my love, my life

Since your sweet sunshine left the blue

A brilliant rainbow’s spanned the sky-

And that is how we’ll think of you.