Toastmaster For All Occasions


• Weddings

• Civic Functions

• Corporate Dinners

• Award Ceremonies

• Conferences

       • Masonic Functions

       • Themed Banquets

       • Gala Balls

       • Official Openings

       • Product Launches

      • Livery Dinners

      • Rotary Club Events

      • Lions Club Events

      • Round Table Events

      • Cocktail Parties

 Paul Tredgett is a Fellow of the Guild of Professional Toastmasters and as such maintains the highest standards of competence and professional integrity and currently he is the Chairman of the Guild.

Also Paul is a Beadle for the City of London Livery for the Worshipful Company of Bowyers, for the Worshipful Company of Glovers, The Worshipful Company of Wheelwrights and member of the The City of London Beadles Guild. His role have also included Toastmaster duties for Royalty, the Lord Mayor of London, Foreign dignitaries and famous film and sporting celebrities. Furthermore Paul has performed as Henry VIII at Hampton Court Palace with Past Pleasures History in the making and has made various appearance as Henry VIII opening fetes and Themed Weddings and Gala Balls (he also plays 'Father Christmas'!)


 Paul says:

My aim as a Toastmaster is to meet the needs and demands of you as my clients, and to ensure that the pressure is taken off your shoulders and thus allowing you to enjoy the event you have organised without being burdened by the stress of the planning.

My role is to help you facilitate your event, whether it be a Wedding or a Masonic Ladies Festival or any of the other exciting functions listed above. I will offer advice and help not only with speeches, but with protocol and procedures. I will announce your guests, organise the wine taking and to be a noticeable presence at your function and solve any problems that may arise. I will be the oasis of calm when you are feeling stressed.

I have spent a lifetime in public service both in the military and in civilian life. I have worked with persons from all walks of life and all social positions, and have much experience of the hospitality industry.I have organised many functions for charities, weddings and formal gatherings, and that includes those for dignitaries and foreign royalty. Every different function is special and it gets my full attention and input.